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Muscle weakness, tired or cold sensitive? It could be your thyroid

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland at the base of your neck that releases a hormone that controls growth and metabolism. This includes regulating body temperature, heart rate, cholesterol levels, and even your menstrual cycle.

Thyroid disorders occur in 5% of Canadians and is 4-7 times more common in women. The two most common forms are thyroid underactivity (hypothyroidism) and thyroid overactivity (hyperthyroidism).

Recognize the signs and symptoms:

Hypothyroidism – slow heat rate, cold sensitivity, muscle weakness, fatigue, dry skin, and constipation.

Hyperthyroidism – fast heart rate, heat intolerance, muscle weakness, restlessness, weight loss, and diarrhea.

See a thyroid specialist if you’re experiencing symptoms or discomfort around the neck, taking medications for your thyroid, or simply to check that your thyroid is in good health!